Joy of Life

This is my friend Danica and she is an amazing human being, not only because she cooks the most delicious granola bars I've ever tasted, she is amazing also because of her awareness of life. She is able to surrender and accept what is given as an opportunity to grow, learn and heal.

She knows her body is a perfect beautiful temple and trust it's eternal wisdom. She knows her body is telling her something and she is aware enough to listen and taking care of herself. She trust her own strength to heal herself and she knows she has everything she needs to do it. I love this pictures I took of her. She is enjoying her physical body, her temple, to move as the Goddess she is... dancing, jumping and playing as her inner child, as her spiritual being, while being a beautiful empowered woman, all at the same time.

You are full of joy, you are creating new paths and I love you to the moon and back. Never forget that your vibe attracts you tribe… so keep your vibes high sister.